During the programme

The programme consists of twelve courses, each completed by an assignment relating to its content and your working practice, allowing you immediate reflection on your learning.

Innovate towards Quadruple Aim Goals

The programme aims to provide professionals with a cohesive and blended learning experience. We focus on helping you understand how the various approaches to integrated care can support the delivery of the Triple Aim goals in care delivery of the Quadruple Aim goals in care delivery: a better care experience for clients; better outcomes and improved population health; better work experience for professionals; and a more sustainable and cost-effective care system.

Programme content

The course comprises twelve modules (six per year) of ten weeks each that combine lecture content, group work, desk research and assignment writing.

In the first year, you focus on the development of academic competences and deepening of specialised comprehension of integrated care.

First-year modules:

  • Research methods/critical thinking
  • Case study research and moral reasoning
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Strategy and policy
  • Integrated care design principles at IFIC conference
  • Personal effectiveness/advisory skills

In the second year, you are encouraged and supported to apply the knowledge you gained in your first year and build on your skills and competencies. You also learn to critically reflect on your personal development.

Second-year modules:

  • Problem-analyses/prevention
  • Design-oriented research
  • Implementation and change management
  • Knowledge management
  • Finance, planning and control
  • Reflective practice/presentation and publication

More information

Each module is completed with a written assignment that enables you to apply your recent learning to the immediate resolution of a practical issue in integrated care design.

You are assigned a personal study career coach (SCC), who provides general support during your studies. In addition, you are encouraged to find a mentor, who can help you tailor your studies to your personal and professional needs.

A unique aspect of the course will be the ability of students to enrol as IFIC members. Benefits include access to conferences and workshops, opportunities to attend international study tours and IFIC summer schools and joining the alumni network.

The master course is organised in association with the Integrated Care Academy©, IFIC's education and training branch. Once a year you are required to attend the International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC), where you will meet with tutors and fellow professionals. The registration fee and costs for travel & stay are not included in the course tuition fee.

why choose hu

  • Specialised programme for excellent professionals

    The programme specifically caters to professionals involved in innovation in health and social care.

  • Top-rated online programme

    Our accredited programme is consistently rated highly by our international students and has the added bonus of an annual conference.

  • International community

    Connect to the best in your field around the world – committed students, excellent teaching staff and opinion leaders at the conference.

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