HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is firmly rooted in the Utrecht region. Here, we work in close partnerships with large and small companies, other knowledge institutions, partners in the education chain and government bodies.

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We invest in sustainable relationships with the world of professional practice, which involves bringing together education, research and the professional world. Co-creation and coproduction are key. Our alumni are our natural partners in professional practice. Together, we want to enhance the potential for innovation and development in the region and further afield.

Internationalisation is another important aspect of education and research at HU. Innovation in professional practice can only take place in an international context, by making use of the knowledge available – wherever in the world it may be. HU welcomes academic and professional partners from abroad to help us achieve our shared internationalisation goals. International cooperation comes in many different forms: from collaborative research projects and student and staff exchanges, to joint study programmes, international exchanges through e-learning and intensive courses.

In the diverse society of the Netherlands and the Utrecht region, it is natural we actively teach our students intercultural skills. This is enhanced by the fact that students from all over the world take classes together with Dutch students, so our international programmes provide a culturally diverse learning environment in themselves. About 100 nationalities are currently represented in our student population. HU also attracts foreign teaching staff to enhance the global dimension of our international programmes.

A partnership with HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht can have a variety of forms. You can think of the following:

Students are encouraged to do part of their degree programme at one of our foreign partner institutions abroad. HU has built up an extensive network of partner institutions around the world that accept our students on an exchange basis. Currently, we have exchange agreements with nearly 200 partner institutions around the globe. 

For more information about our exchange programmes, or to become an exchange partner, please continue here.

The European Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education (CARPE) is the first strategic alliance of its kind to be formed by a group of European universities of applied sciences, and was launched in Utrecht in 2011. The partners aim to encourage cooperation in European research programmes and jointly develop educational programmes. CARPE also offers mutual exchanges for students and staff. 

An important focus for this collaboration is constituted by the links between education, research, businesses and organisations, through which knowledge can create both societal and economic value.

CARPE Partners are: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Universitat Politècnica de València, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Debrecen and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Located in the cities of Utrecht and Amersfoort, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is anchored in a dynamic region with a strong economic motor and many skilled professionals. We contribute to the innovation of professional practices and have an impact on the societal and economic development of the region. 

Furthermore, we collaborate intensively with major and small businesses, social organisations, (health) care institutes, knowledge institutions, partners in the educational chain, and governmental authorities, focussing on co-creation and co-production. HU is part of the Utrecht Science Park. Here we bring competence from business, industry and academia together in order to design and create healthier, safer and more sustainable cities for today and for subsequent generations.

Through our graduates, but also through our research and investments, our university is an invaluable factor in the region's competitive power and its population's welfare.

We prepare our students for their future careers by providing practical education that will prepare them for the professional world. For example, our students work on real-life projects and they usually complete two internships during their studies. This helps them to put theory into practice and learn from experienced professionals.

Each faculty at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has an Internship Office that provides students with preparation and guidance during this process. Companies can benefit from an international intern because it increases diversity within the organisation, helps to explore a new market outside their home country and learn about other cultures. 
Additionally, students that go abroad for their internships are commonly highly motivated individuals that can really add value.

Are you a business or organisation and would you like to receive a student for an internship or graduation project? Do you have a research question or a practical assignment that you would like to propose to one of our students? Please contact our International Office: or call +31 88 481 8181. If you e-mail us your vacancy, we will forward it to the Internship Coordinator of the relevant degree programme or faculty.

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