Agility and innovative capacity of HU during corona

Society and professional practice are changing rapidly. An organization must be able to change in order to offer a suitable range of education, tailored to current issues. With this project we investigate the agility and innovative capacity of the HU during corona and we want to learn from this change.


The goal is to monitor and evaluate the results of educational innovations within HU in a targeted and systematic manner and to gain shared knowledge about what works and what doesn't and why. In this way we can further develop evidence-informed education and policy and focus energy on what works.


The project provides insights into the gains and losses of the switch to distance learning. The results are also a starting point for conversations about the extent to which the organization and the professionals are equipped to change and offer the opportunity for targeted support and professionalization.

This project is a first step. The 'learning from change' study is repeated annually to map out the evolution and further develop educational innovations underpinned.


01 April 2020 - 30 June 2021


Managers and lecturers were questioned throughout HU with open and closed questions. The results are discussed in the institutes on the basis of feedback reports and the possibility is offered to link this to a professionalization process.

HU researcher involved in the research

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