Our research group focuses on educational change processes and the competences teachers need to drive change. We pursue evidence-informed and goal-oriented development, implementation and evaluation of changes, to strengthen the sustainability of educational change and ultimately to improve learning.

Lines of research within the research group

Educational change has a bad reputation: it lacks clear goals, comes to a standstill, lacks a transparent evidence base, and the results are unclear or disappear quickly. What is needed for effective and long-lasting changes? The first research strand focuses on the observation of change processes in professional educational practice, and the monitoring and evaluation of the results. We pay specific attention to the processes that drive change and what they require of teachers.

The second research strand focuses on developing a strong theoretical foundation for educational changes, while building on empirical research. What can we learn from various change processes in varying contexts? When do we consider change to be long lasting and what role should the teacher play? Our goal is to steer educational change in an evidence-informed way. We look at various types of changes, such as those aiming at internal development versus external accountability, within various themes and in relationship to different educational sectors.

The third research strand involves active participation in organizing change processes in professional practice, carrying out practical research, and developing concrete models and tools to improve educational practices involving students, teachers and policies. The research group pays special attention to what is required of teachers: what competences do they need to make successful changes and how can our research group help them?



The short-term and long-term results of many educational changes often remain unclear. The research group wants to help initiate and implement changes in a more goal-oriented, substantiated way – in HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and in other educational institutions.

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“We map change processes to develop new insights. We also do research on what competences educational professionals need to initiate, evaluate and preserve educational changes advisedly.”

Kristin Vanlommel Professor Research Group for Driving Educational Change


The research group works closely with the Centre for Expertise, Talent & Skill, with educational programmes offered at HU and with the Teaching and Learning Network. They also collaborate with regional, national and international partners in professional practice, education and research.

Our professors and researchers

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Kristin Vanlommel

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Elske van den Boom - Muilenberg | Researcher | Lectorate Driving Educational Change

Elske van den Boom - Muilenburg

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Rozemarijn Capiau

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Remco Coppoolse | Researcher | Research group Normative Professionalization

Remco Coppoolse

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Kristin Vanlommel

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