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Kristin Vanlommel

dr. Kristin Vanlommel is Associate Professor in the Research Group Learning and Innovation. She is an expert in evidence-informed decision-making, focusing on understanding how educators can combine their expertise with data to make professional decisions. 

Kristin focuses on the notion of professional decision-making in education as a means to promote the fairness of teacher judgment and the effectiveness of school improvement. The aim is to improve both teaching practice and student outcomes, as well as to enhance sustainable school development.

"Professional decision-making in education aims at combining data-driven and intuitive processes in the different steps of the decision process"

Kristin Vanlommel

Based on her expertise, Kristin has presented at numerous international conferences, has published in peer-reviewed and practice-oriented journals, and has trained many teachers, school leaders and teams. She also takes a leading role in different international organizations such as the Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement and the American Educational Research Association.

Fields of expertise

  • School improvement and effectiveness
  • Data use and expertise
  • Professional decision-making



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Picture of Kristin Vanlommel

Kristin Vanlommel

  • Professor
  • Research group: Driving Educational Change