Innovative capacity of education professionals during complex changes

Active involvement of educational professionals in complex educational innovations is important for the successful realization of those innovations. The active role of educational professionals has been studied to a limited extent to date. In this project we investigate which elements make up the innovative capacity of education professionals, and how we can strengthen this.


Gaining insight into the innovative capacity of educational professionals and what this means for change processes and educational practice. Discover how we can increase the innovative capacity of education professionals.


  • A literature study on the innovative capacity of education professionals
  • A research plan for further research into innovative capacity
  • Overview of potential interventions to increase the innovative capacity of education professionals


01 October 2022 - 01 November 2023


At first, a literature study will be carried out within the lectorate on the concept of innovative capacity. Based on the results of the literature study, a plan for follow-up research is drawn up and an overview is made of potentially interesting interventions.

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Harry Rorije

Harry Rorije

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Driving Educational Change