Proeftuin Appropriate Teaching

In this research workshop, which we call Proeftuin, we focus on researching and improving the pedagogical actions of MBO teachers in order to strengthen the connection to the learning and/or educational needs of students. To this end, we work together in professional learning communities (PLC).


The consortium (consisting of three MBO institutions, two research groups from HU University of Applied Sciences and Open University) wants to gain insights in the Proeftuin about appropriate education and collective learning and research in MBO. In addition, they aim to expand existing initiatives around appropriate education, thereby benefiting from each other's experience.


  • Insights into appropriate education in MBO (derived from the PLCs and a substantive meta-PLC)
  • Insights into collective learning and research of MBO teachers (derived from a process-based meta-PLC)
  • Online toolkit with insights from all PLCs, bundled in the form of, for example, vlogs, knowledge clips, podcasts, infographics and guidelines for teachers
  • The involved MBO institutions are making the approach more sustainable and will continue to work in PLCs


05 September 2022 - 04 September 2026


The Living Lab consists of ten PLCs and two meta-PLCs. The PLCs are conducting research into a subtheme around appropriate education. The substantive meta-PLC bundles insights from the PLCs in order to draw overarching lessons about appropriate education. The process-based meta-PLC develops knowledge about collective learning and research by MBO teachers in the PLCs. In doing so, the PLCs are supervised by research and an education professional from MBO, in order to make the approach more sustainable.

HU researchers involved in the research

Collaboration with knowledge partners

In the project Proeftuin Appropriate Education, there is collaboration with the following knowledge institutions:


  • ROC Midden Nederland (lead party)
  • Sint Lucas
  • mboRijnland
  • Open University

This project is financed by the Nationaal Regieorgaan Onderwijsonderzoek (NRO).

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Maaike Koopman | Researcher

Maaike Koopman

  • Researcher
  • Research groups: Vocational Education, Working in Education