Data driven cardiac rehabilitation

Insufficient physical activity increases the risk of adverse health outcomes in people with a cardiovascular condition. Data-driven solutions, coupled with data from motion sensors, can enable healthcare providers to prescribe advice at the right time. This might prevent a sedentary lifestyle for individuals after a cardiac incident. 


Doelstelling van dit project is om te onderzoeken hoe beweegmonitoring en datagedreven werken toegepast kunnen worden binnen de hartrevalidatie om van meerwaarde te zijn voor de zorgverlener en hartpatiënt.


We anticipate that our research will achieve the following objectives:

  • Understanding of the trajectory of movement behavior after a cardiac incident.
  • Insights into key predictor of movement behavior after a cardiac incident.
  • An accessible data-driven tool for involved healthcare providers within cardiac rehabilitation. 


01 August 2023 - 01 August 2025


The project will commence with an observational study across three hospitals: UMC Utrecht, St. Antonius, and Gelderse Vallei. Within this study data will be collected on health factors, and participants will receive a motion sensor to track their movement behavior. Subsequently, in a collaborative effort, a tool (such as a dashboard) will be developed to provide healthcare providers and patients with guidance for delivering data-driven personalized care within cardiac rehabilitation.

HU researchers involved in the research

  • Cindy Veenhof | Professor | Research group Innovation of Movement Care
    Cindy Veenhof
    • Professor
    • Research group: Innovation of Movement Care
  • Aletta Smits | Researcher | Human Experience & Media Design
    Aletta Smits
    • Researcher
    • Research group: Human Experience & Media Design

Collaboration with knowledge partners