Designing from a social-systemic behavioural perspective

Co-creatiesessie Socionaspel

Behavioural change plays an important role in solving urgent complex societal issues such as COVID-19, climate change and lifestyle-related health problems. Designers can make a unique contribution to the design of innovative solutions with their way of working. In design practice, however, it turns out to be problematic to apply the behavioural science insights in a creative process.


The aim of this PhD research is to map the ways in which behavioural insights:

1) can be integrated in the design process,

2) can connect to the socio-systemic nature of complex issues, and

3) can contribute to the development of design abilities of designers.


  • Literature study to arrive at a conceptual framework
  •  Multiple case study on design practices
  • Research through Design to develop design approaches
  • Evaluation of the developed design approaches with CMD students and design practitioners


01 January 2022 - 01 June 2026


Qualitative research is conducted into which solutions designers have developed themselves for the issue and challenges they encounter. Furthermore, design research is conducted into working on an innovative approach through a cycle of designing, prototyping and evaluating.

HU researchers involved in the research

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