Amber Ronteltap | Researcher | Research group Behaviour & Conversation in digital transition

Amber Ronteltap


Amber Ronteltap (1979) has been working as a senior behavioural researcher at the Research group Communication in Digital Transition since 2016. Her focus is on vulnerable groups. She graduated as a nutritionist from Wageningen University & Research, where she obtained her doctoral degree in 2008 with a dissertation on the public acceptance of new technology in nutrition. She subsequently worked as an applied researcher in consumer behaviour at Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

Amber's doctoral research, which was financed by The Dutch Research Council (NWO), investigated public responses to 'personalised nutrition' (PN): nutrition tailored to your genetic profile. To bring this complex subject to life for consumers, she worked in collaboration with the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) to film future scenarios regarding PN. PN remained as one of the main themes in her work as a consumer researcher at Wageningen University & Research.

"You attain a life of colour by not thinking in terms of black and white"

Amber Ronteltap
Researcher Communication in Digital Transition

As a senior behavioural researcher at the Research group Communication in Digital Transition, Amber writes research proposals and participates in research projects. In addition, she is a lecturer for the Communication degree programme, and she is a coach, a source of information and expertise, and a sparring partner for Communication in Digital Transition researchers in their current and upcoming projects. Amber enjoys exploring the boundaries between disciplines (e.g. nutrition, psychology, IT, communication).

Fields of expertise

  • Behavioural changes
  • Nutritional behaviour
  • Disparities in health



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