Digi-On Recommendations for telemedicine in physio and exercise therapy

Physio- and exercise therapy is suitable for telemedicine, since coaching and self-management support have become more important in this profession. Also, patients often have multiple appointments with their therapist, which allows partial contact via telemedicine. Unless its potential, usage of telemedicine varies strongly among therapists. Therefor, there is a need for practical recommendations.
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Within the project Digi-On we will formulate practical recommendations for telemedicine in physio- and exercise therapy. We will focus on telemedicine applications which allow to provide (part of) the face-to-face care at a distance.


The practical recommendation will be added to existing and new clinical guidelines. The consortium aims to support the long lasting integration of telemedine within physio- and exercise therapy.


15 January 2022 - 15 August 2022


Both quantitative and qualitative research methods will be integrated within an existing method of guideline-development. Practical recommendations based on research and literature will be combined with input of physio- and exercise therapists, patients and stakeholders.

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Corelien Kloek | Researcher | Research group Innovation of Movement Care

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