Empowering health networks for an improved support for people with low socioeconomic status

Inhabitants of the city of Utrecht with a low socioeconomic status and or low health competencies do not profit from existing interventions aimed at improving health and well-being. These inhabitants experience socioeconomic insecurity and poverty.


Improve the accessibility of health and well-being interventions in 3 neighborhoods in the city of Utrecht, for people with lower socioeconomic status or low health competencies and health practitioners.


This project helps improve the accessibility of interventions in neighborhoods. We will build on knowledge of the relations between poverty, stress and health and work together with people in poverty. More inhabitants will benefit from the interventions and this will help improve health and well-being.


01 September 2023 - 01 September 2026


Our approach involves empowering lifestyle networks, adapting existing interventions to meet the specific needs of the population, training health professionals on the connections between poverty, stress, and health, and incorporating stress-sensitive techniques into our interventions.


The project contributes to knowledge on stress-sensitive techniques and the implementation in the health domain.

HU researchers involved in the research

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