Annemarieke van der Veer | Senior researcher | Debt and Debt Collection

Annemarieke van der Veer


Annemarieke studies the relationship between debt and mental strain. Her research considers the various ways in which professionals from different disciplines identify financial concerns and problems, make them negotiable and take account of debt situations. She wants to help develop effective and efficient policies and effective interventions.

National laws and regulations, local debt assistance and social support systems form a complex safety net. Annemarieke wants to improve the basic structure of this safety net, by establishing mutual connections and by creating room for manoeuvre. This would allow for people to fully participate in society, even when they have financial problems.

After completing her degree programme in Social Intercultural Psychology at the University of Utrecht, Annemarieke followed a master's programme in Humanitarian Assistance at The University of Groningen and the post-academic programme for newspaper journalism (PDOJ) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Annemarieke subsequently worked as a policy researcher.

Fields of expertise

  • Survey design and data analysis
  • Evaluation research
  • Focus groups


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