Future probing: meaningful innovation

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Many of the changes that are coming our way are raising questions and creating some uncertainty about the future, particularly those involved with digitalisation and energy transition. How can we understand and deal with this uncertain future? Perhaps designing an approach aimed at future exploration can help.


How can organisations connect future explorations with adaptive
anticipatory action in the present, to create meaningful innovations
in today's changing world? Our research seeks to contribute to the
development of knowledge about adaptive organisations. We are
also developing tools for practical use.


This is an ongoing study. We will provide a summary of the results
here once it has been finalised.


01 April 2019 - 01 April 2023


Future probing utilises imagination and systemic design in such a
way that those involved actually experience potential future
scenarios with a working version of an innovative idea or
technology. This provides experience and insights that can
subsequently be used to fine-tune the innovation in more
meaningful ways. The aim of our research is to determine exactly
how these complex processes function.

HU researchers involved in the research

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Collaboration with knowledge partners

The researcher is an external PhD candidate from Radboud
University Nijmegen, under the supervision of Professor Kristina
Lauche from the Institute for Management Research.

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