Caroline Maessen | Researcher | Co-design research group

Caroline Maessen

PhD candidate

As a PhD candidate with the Co-design research group, Caroline is studying how 'future probing' can serve as a strategy in navigating through complex problem situations, thereby producing insights that can be applied in concrete, testable concepts for products and services.

She is fascinated by learning and innovation through design-oriented research and a systemic view of practical issues. She is particularly interested in transition issues that deal with the future of the city and how people might lead a pleasant life while contributing to a sustainable world.

"Learning and innovation flourishes through research projects that connect professionals, researchers and students by way of a shared fascination."

It is her conviction that good quality education attaches to the natural curiosity of learners. As a lecturer, Caroline is affiliated with the Institute for Communication. Here she is mainly committed to creating more flexible space in education in order to make transdisciplinary collaboration possible and to innovate.

Fields of expertise

  • Future probing
  • Learning & Innovating
  • Design thinking



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