Increasing construction labour productivity using prefabrication

Dutch construction industry copes with labour shortages while construction orders are rising. This compels firms to increase production per labour hour and make jobs more attractive. Prefabrication gives the opportunity to increase labour productivity and decent jobs within the industry.


In this study we forecast the labour productivity of prefabricated building parts and compare them with onsite construction. Afterwards, construction practitioners, such as project managers, can choose and support their construction policies.


The result is a public web based model. A simulation forecasts the construction labour productivity for prefabricating building parts and for constructing building parts onsite


01 January 2020 - 31 December 2023


1. Model factors influencing construction labour productivity
2. Finding top 3 discriminating factors
3. Creating structural equation models for top 3
4. Creating overall model and simulation

HU researcher involved in the research

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