Roadmap for data-driven UX Design

In this project we are investigating which upcoming data-driven techniques are interesting for professional UX practice in the upcoming years. 


In this project we are trying to get more grip on novel data-driven design techniques like data-driven persona’s and usability mining and we are trying to estimate the potential of these techniques for professional UX practice. 


We work towards constructing a roadmap in which we map out the potential for each data-driven technique in the upcoming years and identify barriers for adoption.


01 January 2021 - 01 August 2021


We start with an experiment comparing two data-driven techniques that are currently in use: A/B testing and biometrics. Next we project our learning from this experience to novel techniques for data-driven design. 

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Relevance of the project

Data-driven design contains more than A/B tests. In this project we map out the scope of the field. 

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Noldus information systems, Fabrique


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Koen van Turnhout

Koen van Turnhout

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  • Research group: Human Experience & Media Design