Towards more inclusive education

Educators and the professional field note that (future) teachers are still often  insufficiently equipped to work with diversity in the education of pupils aged 0-22. We want to train educational professionals who can attune to the educational and developmental needs of children and youngsters and who are increasingly able to realize an inclusive learning environment.


In collaboration with educators and researchers from universities of applied sciences and practitioners, we want to start a pilot with the aim of training pedagogically competent education professionals. These professionals need to have a keen eye for children and youngsters from vulnerable target groups, and adds to a more inclusive educational setting.


  • The educational professionals have insight into the world of children and youngsters with whom they work;
  • The educational professionals know how to 'be and remain in contact' with students and which needs they have;
  • The educational professionals have learned to work together in an inter professional manner;
  • The educational professionals know the values that influence their professional behaviour, have an open and questioning attitude and feel they are well equipped in a pedagogical and didactic way;
  • A reassessment has been made on the teaching methodology and pedagogy in the university, including  the vision on student guidance;
  • The inclusive philosophy is put forward by all trainers.


01 January 2020 - 01 January 2022


The scrum team will develop the track 'Towards Inclusive Education' for third year students of the secondary and primary school teacher trainings (pilot start: academic year 2021-2022). Education Workshop 1 researches which theory forms the basis of the track. Education Workshop 2 researches the content of an inclusive pedagogical didactic line in the track.

HU researchers involved in the research

  • Cok Bakker lector NP
    Cok Bakker
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Normative Professionalisation
  • Nico de Vos | Professor | Participation and Urban Development
    Nico de Vos
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Participation and Urban Development
  • Maaike Hajer is professor within the research group Multilingualism and Education
    Maaike Hajer
    • Professor emeritus
    • Research groups: Multilingualism and Education
  • Dian Fluijt | Lecturer / Researcher, Researcher | Normative Professionalisation
    Dian Fluijt
    • Researcher
    • Research groups: Normative Professionalisation
  • Jantien Smit | professor | Multilingualism and Education
    Jantien Smit
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Multilingualism and Education
  • Edwin Nieman
    Edwin Nieman
    • Teacher-researcher
    • Research groups: Participation and Urban Development
  • Anton Boonen | Researcher | Vocational Education
    Anton Boonen
    • Researcher
    • Research groups: Vocational Education, Participation and Urban Development

Collaboration with knowledge partners


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Dian Fluijt | Lecturer / Researcher, Researcher | Normative Professionalisation

Dian Fluijt

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Normative Professionalisation