A Checklist for explainable AI in the Financial Sector

Authors Martin van den Berg, Yvette van der Haas, Ouren Kuiper, Marieke Peeters
Publication date 24 November 2022
Research groups Artificial Intelligence
Type Other publication types


This white paper is the result of a research project by Hogeschool Utrecht, Floryn, Researchable, and De Volksbank in the period November 2021-November 2022. The research project was a KIEM project1 granted by the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA. The goal of the research project was to identify the aspects that play a role in the implementation of the explainability of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in the Dutch financial sector. In this white paper, we present a checklist of the aspects that we derived from this research. The checklist contains checkpoints and related questions that need consideration to make explainability-related choices in different stages of the AI lifecycle. The goal of the checklist is to give designers and developers of AI systems a tool to ensure the AI system will give proper and meaningful explanations to each stakeholder.

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Language English
Key words Explainable AI, Financial Sector, AI