Marieke Peeters

Marieke Peeters

Marieke Peeters has been working as a researcher within the Artificial Intelligence (AI) research group since 9 May 2022. She investigates how artificial intelligence can be used responsibly. Sub-questions within her research include which risks the application of AI introduces within different sectors, and how these can be detected, monitored and mitigated.


After 10 years of research into human-AI collaboration, she transferred into business, where she worked as an analytics translator. Then she started translating her previous knowledge into issues surrounding Responsible Applied AI. She combines knowledge and expertise from various domains, such as applied cognitive psychology, AI, ethics, and user-centered design.

AI has wonderful possibilities, but unfortunately it’s also oftentimes applied and used in the wrong way. Marieke would therefore like to commit herself to steer developments in the field of applied AI in the right direction.


  • Responsible Applied AI
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Applied Cognitive Psychology


In the media

Xomnia’s Responsible AI webinars were organized and hosted by me:

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Marieke Peeters

Marieke Peeters

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Artificial Intelligence