A toolkit for promoting healthy ageing

Authors Jeroen Knevel , Aly Gruppen
Publication date 2016
Research groups Innovative Social Services, Participation, Care and Support
Type Book


This toolkit therefore focusses on self-management abilities. That means finding and maintaining effective, positive coping methods in relation to our health. We included many common and frequently discussed topics such as drinking, eating, physical exercise, believing in the future, resilience, preventing loneliness and social participation. Besides some concise background information, we offer you a great diversity of exercises per theme which can help you discuss, assess, change or strengthen your personal state of health. In case you are mentoring or coaching a group of seniors with regards to living a healthy and active life, this toolkit also offers explanations on how to lead a team of peers

On this publication contributed

  • Jeroen Knevel
    • PhD candidate
    • Research groups: Participation, Care and Support
  • Aly Gruppen | Lecturer-researcher | Innovative Social Services
    Aly Gruppen
    • Teacher-researcher
    • Research groups: Innovative Social Services

Language English

Jeroen Knevel

Jeroen Knevel

  • PhD candidate
  • Research group: Participation, Care and Support