Aly Gruppen | Lecturer-researcher | Innovative Social Services

Aly Gruppen


Aly Gruppen (Master of Social Work) has been working as a researcher and Social Work lecturer at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht since 2003. One of the key ambitions driving her work is the wish to connect practice, education and research. She remains closely involved in the profession via the development and execution of various research projects within the Research groups Participation, Care and Support and Living and Wellbeing.

Aly is currently working as a researcher in the Gemengd Wonen (‘Mixed Housing’) project. Before this, she worked in the Research group’s Moresprudentieproject (‘Ethical Jurisprudence Project’). In the context of this project, she contributed a chapter to the publication Moresprudentie in de praktijk (‘Ethical jurisprudence in practice’), about the ethical dilemmas encountered by students during work placement. Aly has also performed research into mentoring projects among vulnerable adolescents and young adults, which resulted in her article ‘Baat bij een maatje’ (‘Benefiting from a buddy’).

Aly served as project leader of the international project for the elderly HASIC. In this project, the Research group worked together with colleagues from a number of other European countries on the development of a manual with tools and a training programme. These can be used by students, professionals and volunteers to encourage healthy lifestyle choices – in the broadest sense of the word – among the elderly. She has also written Handboek Gezond ouder worden (‘Manual for Healthy Ageing’) together with Jeroen Knevel.

Aly fulfils a variety of roles. For example, she is a board member of the sector platform COOAB, volunteers for Stichting Adoptievoorzieningen, serves as a guide for study trips to Moroccan Social Work organisations, as a supervisor in the SPH degree programme, work placement lecturer and as the coordinator of the ‘GGZ agoog en trainer in omgaan met agressie’ (‘Mental health care worker and trainer: handling aggression’) major and minor.

Fields of expertise

  • Mixed Housing
  • Social work
  • Ethical jurisprudence


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Aly Gruppen | Lecturer-researcher | Innovative Social Services

Aly Gruppen

  • Lecturer-researcher
  • Research group: Living and Wellbeing