A Web-Based Intervention for Health Professionals and Patients to Decrease Cardiovascular Risk Attributable to Physical Inactivity: Development Process

Authors Anita Cremers, Ilse Mesters, Barbara Sassen, Gerjo Kok, Luc Vanhees, Rik Crutzen
Published in JMIR Research Protocols
Publication date 14 December 2012
Type Article


Patients with cardiovascular risk factors can reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease by increasing their physical activity and their physical fitness. According to the guidelines for cardiovascular risk management, health professionals should encourage their patients to engage in physical activity. In this paper, we provide insight regarding the systematic development of a Web-based intervention for both health professionals and patients with cardiovascular risk factors using the development method Intervention Mapping. The different steps of Intervention Mapping are described to open up the “black box” of Web-based intervention development and to support future Web-based intervention development.

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Language English
Published in JMIR Research Protocols
Year and volume 1 2
Key words hart- en vaatziekten, intervention mapping, e-health

Anita Cremers