Barbara Sassen


Barbara is the project manager for the Professional Doctorate in Health and Welfare, the manager of the course Leadership for Complex Changes in Health Care and Welfare, and a lecturer in the Master's program Innovation in Health and Welfare.

Prevention and health promotion is her area of focus. Behavior change and promoting a healthy lifestyle are complex tasks that require systematically exploring the needs of the target group as well as those of healthcare professionals. Developing interventions based on this needs assessment requires thorough insight into systematically selecting proven effective methods to achieve behavioral change. Insights from implementation and change management are an important part of ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the intervention. This involves achieving better patient outcomes, such as quality of life and optimizing well-being, as well as improving the quality of care.

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What drives her is optimizing the professional expertise of healthcare professionals regarding prevention and health promotion.

"The most commonly used intervention is increasing knowledge and providing information, yet this rarely leads to behavioral change or a change in lifestyle"

Fields of expertise

  • Behavior change, healthy lifestyle, optimizing self-management
  • Health promotion, health education, prevention
  • Person-centered, integrated care, co-creation of care


Barbara Sassen

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Living and Wellbeing