Business Customer eXperience Alignment Framework

Authors Felix Gras, Pascal Ravesteijn, Marlies van Steenbergen, Roland Bijvank
Publication date 20 June 2018
Research groups Artificial Intelligence, Digital Ethics, Process Innovation and Information Systems
Type Lecture


From the article: Globalization and technological innovation has led to an increasing competition between telecommunication service providers and has eroded traditional product- and service-based differentiation. One way to gain a competitive advantage is to create distinctiveness by improving customer experience in such a manner that it leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. One of the drivers to improve the customer experience is the service interface. To improve this service interface, organizations must get insight into their customer interaction process. The amount of data about customers and the service provider processes is increasing and becoming more readily available for analysis. Process mining is a technique to provide insight into these processes. In this paper, a framework is presented to improve the customer satisfaction by alignment of the business service delivery process and the customer experience by applying process mining.

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Language English
ISBN/ISSN URN:ISBN:978-961-286-170-4
Key words Service quality, Process mining, Telecommunication industry, Customer satisfaction, Customer journey, Interaction process

Roland Bijvank

Roland Bijvank

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