CDA and participatory action research

Authors N. Montesano Montessori, H. Schuman
Published in International Handbook on Interpretation in Educational Research Methods
Publication date 2015
Research groups Normative Professionalisation
Type Book


In our research we focus on shared processes of interpretation, knowledge development and innovation in education, developing non-hierarchical research relationships between researchers. Our work is informed by a critical stance towards the current practice in Dutch education where teachers are struggling with student diversity and students with disabilities are excluded from mainstream schools. For the project we present in this book we combined critical discourse analysis, participatory action research and an emergent research design. We worked with teachers and students, supporting and stimulating them to develop a more just and inclusive practice in their schools, where all students get a fair deal. Starting point were the narratives of the teachers involved. Their stories, their struggle and their views were important. Interpretation became a process of shared meaning making at all stages of the research process, systematically integrating insiders’ and outsiders’ perspectives. Thus, the teachers and their students developed contextually-relevant and innovative solutions to the challenges they encountered in their practice, for example regarding power relations in the classroom and managing diversity, making use of the strengths of individual students and those of the group. The researchers involved brought in their knowledge and experience regarding practice-oriented research and introduced a theoretical framework for analysing and understanding current practices. In: Smeyers P., Bridges D., Burbules N., Griffiths M. (eds) International Handbook of Interpretation in Educational Research. Springer International Handbooks of Education. Springer, Dordrecht

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Language English
Published in International Handbook on Interpretation in Educational Research Methods
ISBN/ISSN URN:ISBN:978-94-017-9282-0
Key words student teacher, critical discourse analysis, participatory action research, inclusive practice, practice-oriented research
Page range 347-370

Nicolien Montesano Montessori

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Nicolien Montesano Montessori

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