Concurrent Validity Between Live and Home Video Observations Using the Alberta Infant Motor Scale

Authors Marike Boonzaaijer , Dam van Ellen , Ingrid C. van Haastert , Jacqueline Nuysink
Published in Pediatric Physical Therapy
Publication date 2017
Research groups Lifestyle and Health
Type Article


The purpose of this study was a serial assessment of gross motor development of infants at risk is an established procedure in neonatal follow-up clinics. Assessments based on home video recordings could be a relevant addition. In 48 infants (1.5-19 months), the concurrent validity of 2 applications was examined using the Alberta Infant Motor Scale: (1) a home video made by parents and (2) simultaneous observation on-site by a pediatric physical therapist. Parents’ experiences were explored using a questionnaire.

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Language English
Published in Pediatric Physical Therapy
Key words motorische ontwikkeling, baby's, homevideo, validiteit
Page range 146-151

Marike Boonzaaijer

Marike Boonzaaijer

  • Teacher-researcher
  • Research group: Lifestyle and Health