Developing Team Design Patterns for Hybrid Intelligence Systems

Authors Emma van Zoelen, Tina Mioch, Mani Tajaddini, Christian Fleiner, Stefani Tsaneva, Pietro Camin, Thiago Gouvêa, Kim Baraka, Maaike de Boer, Mark Neerincx
Published in HHAI 2023: Augmenting Human Intellect
Publication date 26 June 2023
Research groups Artificial Intelligence
Type Lecture


With artificial intelligence (AI) systems entering our working and leisure environments with increasing adaptation and learning capabilities, new opportunities arise for developing hybrid (human-AI) intelligence (HI) systems, comprising new ways of collaboration. However, there is not yet a structured way of specifying design solutions of collaboration for hybrid intelligence (HI) systems and there is a lack of best practices shared across application domains. We address this gap by investigating the generalization of specific design solutions into design patterns that can be shared and applied in different contexts. We present a human-centered bottom-up approach for the specification of design solutions and their abstraction into team design patterns. We apply the proposed approach for 4 concrete HI use cases and show the successful extraction of team design patterns that are generalizable, providing re-usable design components across various domains. This work advances previous research on team design patterns and designing applications of HI systems.

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  • Tina Mioch
    Tina Mioch
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Language English
Published in HHAI 2023: Augmenting Human Intellect
ISBN/ISSN URN:ISBN:978-1-64368-395-9
Key words Hybrid Intelligence, Team Design Patterns, Use-case based research, Human-centered AI, Co-evolution, Interdependence
Digital Object Identifier 10.3233/FAIA230071
Page range 3-16

Artificial Intelligence