Digital coach supporting the creation of a project plan (A.K.A. pid or plan of approach)

Authors Steven Nijhuis
Published in Conference proceedings
Publication date 2012
Research groups Building Future Cities
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full text via link. A lot of curricula in higher education depend on Project Based Learning. This provides students with a setting which (slightly) resembles their future way of working: in teams, in projects. The rojects have increasingly a real problem-owner, so students are highly motivated to perform and provide a solution. Ate HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, one of the used methods for Project Based Learning is based on Design Research. This method has been developed in close cooperation with other institutes. During the development of the method a majority of the tutors involved noted that most students jumped into the project even when the problem and the criteria for a solution were not clear.

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Steven Nijhuis

Steven Nijhuis | Researcher | Research group Building Future Cities

Steven Nijhuis

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