Explicating Students' Personal Professional Theories in Vocational Education through Multi-method Triangulation.

Authors P. Kirschner, Prof.Dr. Elly de Bruijn, Dr. Liesbeth Baartman, M. van der Schaaf, Dr. Harmen Schaap
Published in Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
Publication date 2011
Research groups Vocational Education
Type Article


In competence-based vocational education, personal professional theories, in which students integrate different types of knowledge and beliefs, are seen as important. Exactly how these theories can be measured is the main focus of this study, which uses a multi-method triangulation approach, an interview and a self-report. The latter (less-structured) matter seems to provide less insight into personal professional theories then the structured methods. Both structure and adequate prompts are important when personal professional theories are explicated.

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Language English
Published in Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
Year and volume 55 6
Key words vocational education, multi-method triangulation, personal professional theories
Page range 567-586

Vocational Education