Exploring design principles for technology-enhanced workplace learning

Authors Esther van der Stappen, Ilya Zitter
Published in Conference proceedings
Publication date 21 June 2016
Research groups Digital Ethics
Type Lecture


From the article: "Abstract, technology-enhanced learning can be used to replicate existing teaching practices, supplement existing teaching or transform teaching and/or learning process and outcomes. Enhancing workplace learning, which is integrated into higher professional education, with technology, calls for designing such transformations. Although research is carried out into different kinds of technological solutions to enhance workplace learning, we do not know which principles should guide such designs. Therefore, we carried out an explorative, qualitative study and found two such design principles for the design of technology-enhanced workplace learning in higher professional education. In this research, we focused on the students' perspective, since they are the main users of such technology when they are learning at the workplace, as part of their study in becoming lifelong learning, competent professionals."

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Language English
Published in Conference proceedings
Key words Higher professional education, Blended learning, Workplace learning, Technology-enhanced learning

Esther van der Stappen