Exploring Project Management Education

Authors Steven Nijhuis
Published in European Journal of Social Sciences Education and Research
Publication date 25 January 2017
Research groups Building Future Cities
Type Article


From the article: "The object of this paper is to explore the actual practice in project management education in the Netherlands and compare it to reference institutions and recent literature. A little over 40% of the Higher Education institutions in the Netherlands mentions PM education in programs and/or courses. A total of 264 courses, minors and programs in the Netherlands found. In reference institutions 33 courses and programs are found and 36 publications deal with actual teaching of project management in Higher Education. Comparing these sources finds traditional methods of teaching and testing, a roughly comparable focus on subjects and an unsupported high claim of learning level, while the number of credits assigned to project management is relatively small. There is a strong focus on planning without execution, which is critiqued as is the promoted Project Based Learning."

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Language English
Published in European Journal of Social Sciences Education and Research
Year and volume 9 1
Key words Project Management, Education, Netherlands
Page range 44-61

Steven Nijhuis

Steven Nijhuis | Researcher | Research group Building Future Cities

Steven Nijhuis

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