'Given the circumstances’

Authors Martine Ganzevles
Publication date 2017
Research groups Research Competence
Type Lecture


Poster presentation at the European Social Work Research Conference - ESWRA, Aalborg, Denemarken, 20 april – 21 April In the last decade a call is made upon a stronger knowledge base for social work and an abiding professionalism of practice. Transformations in The Netherlands state welfare regime are amongst others a big impetus for this demand. Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) contribute substantially in answering this legitimation call. UAS in The Netherlands adopted a research function since 2000 and practice oriented research is prevailing in their type of reseach. Both fields, social work practice and social work research as conducted by UAS, are relatively new and are to a certain degree reinventing themselves. It makes practice oriented social work research a timely topic. This poster presents the outline and aim of the PhD research on how to optimise practice.

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Language English
Key words practice oriented social work research, researchstrategies, universities of applied sciences, PhD research

Martine Ganzevles