Martine Ganzevles Researcher | Methodology of Practice-Based Research / Participation, Care and Support

Martine Ganzevles


Martine Ganzevles MSc (1976) has been a researcher at Research Group Research Competence since the spring of 2013. As a lecturer, she is affiliated with the Institute for Social Work, where her efforts include teaching the part-time course, giving guidance to students during the graduation phase including the so called Innovation Circles, and being a trainer for Supportive Relational Action. She is also a member of the curriculum committee.

Martine conducts research into (a more) appropriate research methodology for practice-oriented (social work) research. Therefore she is also affiliated as a 'science practitioner' with Tilburg University - Tranzo, Academic Workplace Social Work.

Martine initially trained to be a social care worker. She subsequently studied General Social Sciences at Utrecht University, where she specialised in Culture, Healthcare and Welfare. She acquired most of her work experience in the area of mental healthcare, both in terms of hands-on care and in advice and research.

Fields of expertise

  • Social work
  • Supportive relational acting
  • Research Competence



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