Greening organizations: the Contribution of Enterprise Architecture

Authors Pascal Ravesteijn, Henk Plessius, Raymond Slot
Publication date 2013
Research groups Artificial Intelligence
Type Lecture


The importance of sustainability is rapidly increasing and by now has an increasing impact on the operations of organizations. In modern organizations many of the business processes are supported by IT, which makes the relation between sustainability and IT an important subject. However, how to integrate business strategy with IT operations in relation to sustainability is unclear. In this paper we focus on the role of Enterprise Architecture in this process and try to answer “How Enterprise Architecture may contribute in the traceable transformation from sustainability principles towards requirements on Green IT in the field of higher education.” Based on a literature study and qualitative research at different organizations we adapted the Sustainable Information Systems Management (SISM) model of Erek et al (2012). The SISM Revisited model not only guides organizations in identifying areas of interest for aligning the sustainability strategy of an organization with its IS/IT activities, but we expect it will be useful to implement sustainability in organizations as well.

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Language English
Key words sustainability, green IT, enterprise architecture, alignment

Pascal Ravesteijn

Pascal Ravesteijn | Professor | Process innovation and information systems

Pascal Ravesteijn

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