Raymond Slot

since September 2022, Dr. Ir. Raymond Slot is professor of the research group Cyber Security. This research group is engaged in research to increase the digital resilience of government organizations and companies.


Due to the far-reaching digitization, the openness of the internet and the dependence on information systems, cyber security is an essential discipline for organizations. A high degree of digital resilience helps organizations to prevent cybersecurity incidents and, if an incident occurs, to limit the consequences of the incident.

The research group will focus on prevention. The prevention of security incidents and the embedding of organizational and technical security measures within organisations.

Raymond Slot is an engineer and business administrator and obtained his PhD in 2010 at the University of Amsterdam. From 2010-2018 he was professor of the research group Architecture of Digital Information Systems at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. He has national and international experience in guiding organizations in digital transitions, in the disciplines of cyber security, data management and enterprise architecture. In addition to his activities for the HU, he works at Strategy Alliance, a management consultancy firm.


  • Digital information systems
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Digital Transition processes



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