Nowadays organisations are connected to the internet in more and more different ways. Data leaks and cyber attacks top the list of risks of most concern to executives. The research group Cyber Security examines which organisational design and interventions in the field of technology, processes, culture and human behaviour can make organisations digitally more secure.

Lines of research within the research group

Within the research line behavioural influence, we conduct research into digitally safe behaviour. Most of us, and certainly young people, are online every day, but often lack understanding of the cyber risks this entails and how to act accordingly. The aim of this research line is to develop effective behavioural interventions so that people behave digitally safely in an assumed, intuitive way.

Within the research line risk-based measures framework, we are developing standards for specific social sectors. These frameworks help security specialists within the organisations to take the right measures. This makes it easier for organisations to protect themselves against digital attacks.

Within the research line Cyber Security & AI, we want to increase the resilience of companies against cyber attacks. We look at the influence of Artificial Intelligence on the Cyber Security organisation, for example through the effectiveness of standards. Furthermore we look at the influence of AI on human behaviour and cyber attacks, and at the technology itself.


Our research results are incorporated into practical education and training modules. In this way, we strive to improve the quality of services of social and legal professionals. This also serves to increase the accessibility of the legal system for all citizens.

The research group is involved in the honours modules Access to Law and Human Rights and sustainable development. Students from the honours module Access to Law made a collection of essays (in Dutch) in which they investigated access to law and how it relates to social developments.

“What would happen without Cyber Security? Than we will live in the digital wild west; trust will fall away.”

Aart Jochem Rijksoverheid


We work together with: Juridisch Loket, Vereniging van Mediators in Strafzaken, U Centraal, Stichting Rijnstad, Sociale Dienst Drechtsteden, Vivenz Maatschappelijke Dienstverlening, Privacy First en The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights.

Our professors and researchers

Raymond Slot

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Christian-Alexander Bunge

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Martine Groen

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Remco van der Schoot

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