Remco van der Schoot


Remco van der Schoot is working as a researcher within the cyber security department. He conducts research on human and organisational aspects of cyber security across three areas: safe digital behaviour, a risk-based framework of measures and cyber security & AI.


In 2022, Remco completed his Bachelor's degree in safety and security management, and in 2023, he obtained his Master's degree in Project management, both at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Additionally, he has three years of work experience in the field of security.

His drive comes from a genuine desire to make a tangible impact on the world. With his skills and knowledge, He is eager to contribute towards a better future. Ready to kickstart a journey towards a better world together? Let's connect! Remco is confident that collaboration can make a significant impact.

Remco participated in the IPMA Young Crew International Project Management Championship 2023 and became third.


  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Freedom
  • Projectmanagement

"You grow through, what you go through"

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