Introduction to TWG07 Adult Mathematics Education

Authors Kees Hoogland , Javier Diez-Palomar , Beth Kelly
Publication date February 2019
Research groups Mathematical and analytical competences of professionals
Type Lecture


This paper is a summary paper of the Thematic Working Group (TWG) on Adult Mathematics Education (AME). The theme AME made its first appearance on CERME11 and in this paper we provide an overview of the growing and blossoming field of AME and the results of the working group. The main themes associated with AME are: the definition, scope, and assessment of numeracy, the role of language and dialogue, the role of affect, including motivation, and the role of societal power structures, including subthemes like equity, inclusion, vulnerable learners, agency and self-efficacy. We conclude with the opportunities and challenges for this theme from both scientific and societal perspective.


  • Kees Hoogland
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Mathematical and analytical competences of professionals

Language English
Key words numeracy, PIAAC, language, agency, adult mathematics education

Kees Hoogland

Kees Hoogland

  • Professor
  • Research group: Mathematical and analytical competences of professionals