Kees Hoogland


Kees has been engaged in research in numeracy and mathematics education for primary education, secondary education, vocational education and adult education. He is fascinated by how individuals act and make decisions when dealing with solving quantitative problems in daily life: "numeracy as social practice".

Kees studied mathematics at Leiden University and subsequently worked as a mathematics lecturer, mathematics teacher trainer (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Leiden University, VU Amsterdam). He has also worked as a textbook author and editor (for Moderne Wiskunde and ffLerenRekenen), in-service teacher trainer, coach, consultant and CEO of the Algemeen Pedagogisch Studiecentrum. Kees is experienced in international consultancy and has been project manager in Indonesia and South Africa, among other places.

"Functional mathematics and numeracy should be seen as a social practice"

Kees Hoogland

Kees is currently professor and leading the Research group “Mathematical and analytical competence of professionals”. He is project leader of the Erasmus+ project "Common European Numeracy Framework", which aims to develop a common framework for numeracy, as an essential competence for citizens in the 21st century.

Fields of expertise

  • Developments in numeracy, mathematics and statistics education
  • 21st century goals for numeracy, mathematics and statistics education
  • Uses of numeracy, mathematics, and statistics by citizens and professionals



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Kees Hoogland

  • Professor
  • Research group: Mathematical and analytical competence of professionals