Know your onions

Authors Wenja Heusdens, Liesbeth Baartman, Elly de Bruijn
Published in Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
Publication date 2019
Research groups Vocational Education
Type Article


How students develop vocational knowledge is a rather under-researched topic in the context of vocational education and training. Vocational knowledge is perceived as the kind of knowledge required to perform in occupational practice. From an activity-theoretical approach to learning, supplemented with ideas borrowed from inferentialism, this article explores how students develop vocational knowledge in terms of a cognitive activity of contextualising. A qualitative in-depth study is presented, which explores students’ cognitive processes during professional performance. Hospitality students and culinary students were interviewed and asked to articulate the process of contextualising during their work in a sandwich bar. A detailed description of the characteristics of contextualising is presented, and the process is illustrated with examples from the data.

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Language English
Published in Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
Year and volume 63 6
Key words vocational education, contextualising vocational knowledge, reflection-in-real-time-action, empirical illustrations
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Page range 839-852

Liesbeth Baartman

Vocational Education