Marketing animal-friendly products

Authors Lenka van Riemsdijk, Paul T. M. Ingenbleek, Hans C. M. van Trijp, Gerrita van der Veen
Published in Animals
Publication date 2017
Research groups Marketing & Customer Experience
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Modern production systems aimed at improving animal welfare are more costly than traditional systems. Animal-friendly products are therefore typically more expensive than mainstream products, which presents one of the main barriers to consumer animal-friendly product choice. To overcome this barrier, marketing strategies that associate animal welfare with different types of value, such as taste, healthiness or good feeling, may be useful. This article presents a theoretical framework with marketing strategies using various types of value, suitable for animal-friendly products to encourage consumers to buy animal-friendly instead of mainstream products. We also explain why some consumers, such as those with a rational or an intuitive thinking style, may be more sensitive to some strategies over others, giving directions to marketing managers on how to approach different types of consumers. Because the credibility of animal welfare claims is a critical issue in marketing animal-friendly products, we address this issue as well. Specifically, we propose that, to gain consumer trust, companies selling animal-friendly products need to take into account the impact of their overall strategy on the effectiveness of marketing strategies for individual products and that they may need to collaborate with relevant stakeholders, such as media or animal-interest organizations.

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Language English
Published in Animals
Year and volume 7 12
Key words marketing, positioning strategies, social dilemma, consumers

Lenka van Riemsdijk

Lenka van Riemsdijk

Lenka van Riemsdijk

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  • Research group: Marketing & Customer Experience