Lenka van Riemsdijk

Lenka van Riemsdijk


Lenka van Riemsdijk PhD obtained a Master in Marketing from the Economic University of Bratislava (Slovakia). Her specialisations are International Marketing and Consumer Behaviour and her passion for marketing and animal welfare has led to her conducting doctoral research on marketing strategies for animal welfare friendly products, which she finished the end of 2019

Lenka has been a lecturer for the English language degree programme International Business Studies since 2010. In 2013, she began her doctoral research on ‘The impact of issue-based positioning on the purchase of socially responsible products’ at Wageningen University & Research, under the supervision of Paul Ingenbleek PhD, Prof. Hans van Trijp and Gerrita van der Veen PhD.

Lenka's doctoral research seeks to answer two questions: How effective are the various marketing strategies in putting animal welfare friendly products on the market? and How do the personal characteristics of consumers and the collaboration between products and animal welfare organisations influence the effectiveness of the strategies used? The results of this research are intended to help in the successful marketing of animal welfare friendly products.

Fields of expertise

  • Marketing
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Animal welfare market strategies



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Lenka van Riemsdijk

Lenka van Riemsdijk

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Marketing & Customer Experience