Measuring learning gains in project management

Authors Ruben Vrijhoef, Joseph Kessels, Steven Nijhuis
Publication date 20 July 2015
Research groups Building Future Cities
Type Lecture


Abstract Teaching project management is becoming a standard part of curricula in higher education. Assessing the added value of the teaching efforts needs pre- and post assessments. Given the wide variety of skills and knowledge project management embraces a proper assessment of project management is difficult. A method of assessing added value has been designed and tested on the first part of a professional Master in Project and Process Management. The design is based on students assessment of learning gains (SALG) with several extra criteria. The design was evaluated, updated and tested again. The third test with a tweaked design is being performed. The results do not convince that this SALG-based instrument can be used to measure added value. Presented at ICEE2015 : International conference on engineering education, 20th - 24th July 2015, Zagreb, Zadar (Croatia).

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Language English
Key words project management, added value, measuring education, students assessment of learning gains

Ruben Vrijhoef

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Ruben Vrijhoef

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