Pain Coping and Healthcare Use in Patients with Early Knee and/or Hip Osteoarthritis

Authors Meike van Scherpenseel, Corelien Kloek, Cindy Veenhof, Martijn Pisters
Published in Journal of Clinical Medicine
Publication date 2023
Research groups Innovation of Movement Care
Type Article


Background: Knee and hip osteoarthritis (OA) among older adults account for substantial disability and extensive healthcare use. Effective pain coping strategies help to deal with OA. This study aims to determine the long-term relationship between pain coping style and the course of healthcare use in patients with knee and/or hip OA over 10 years. Methods: Baseline and 10-year follow-up data of 861 Dutch participants with early knee and/or hip OA from the Cohort Hip and Cohort Knee (CHECK) cohort were used. The amount of healthcare use (HCU) and pain coping style were measured. Generalized Estimating Equations were used, adjusted for relevant confounders. Results: At baseline, 86.5% of the patients had an active pain coping style. Having an active pain coping style was significantly (p = 0.022) associated with an increase of 16.5% (95% CI, 2.0–32.7) in the number of used healthcare services over 10 years. Conclusion: Patients with early knee and/or hip OA with an active pain coping style use significantly more different healthcare services over 10 years, as opposed to those with a passive pain coping style. Further research should focus on altered treatment (e.g., focus on self-management) in patients with an active coping style, to reduce HCU.

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Language English
Published in Journal of Clinical Medicine
Year and volume 12 23
Key words osteoarthritis, healthcare utilization, pain coping, CHECK
Digital Object Identifier 10.3390/jcm12237455

Meike van Scherpenseel

Meike van Scherpenseel

Meike van Scherpenseel

  • PhD candidate
  • Research group: Innovation of Movement Care