Pedagogic practices in vocational communities to support novices' workplace learning

Authors L. Ceelen, Dr. A. Khaled, Prof. dr. A.F.M. Nieuwenhuis, Prof. dr. E. de Bruijn
Publication date September 2018
Research groups Vocational Education
Type Lecture


Posterbijdrage conferentie EARLI SIG 14, 11-14 september 2018, Genève Although literature shows the important supportive role of experienced colleagues to stimulate novices’ workplace learning, the question of how this support is provided is usually answered in general terms (e.g. Mikkonen et al. 2017; Tynjälä 2008). Therefore, this study aims to explore how members of vocational communities, both individually and as a collective, enact specific pedagogic practices to contribute to novices’ learning. The systematic literature review that will be presented in the interactive poster session is the first study of a PhD project and provides an overview of situational pedagogic practices which attempt to support novices’ learning at the workplace.

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Language English
Key words situational pedagogic practices, workplace learning

Lieke Ceelen

Lieke Ceelen

Lieke Ceelen

  • PhD candidate
  • Research group: Vocational Education