Lieke Ceelen

Lieke Ceelen

PhD candidate

Lieke Ceelen works as a researcher at the Research group Vocational Education. Her PhD research focuses on workplace learning for starting professionals. More specifically, she focusses on student participation at the workplace and supervisors’ pedagogic practices.

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Lieke has been working at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht since January 2011. She wishes to contribute to students’ vocational education by bridging her position as an educational consultant with her position as a researcher.

A literature review provides insights into pedagogic practices in the context of students’ workplace learning. Lieke then conducted field research on internship practices to better understand student participation and supervisors’ pedagogic strategies at the workplace. She therefore observed and interviewed student physiotherapists and student nurses and their supervisors.

Fields of expertise

  • Workplace learning
  • Student participation
  • Supervisors’ pedagogic practices



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Lieke Ceelen

Lieke Ceelen

  • PhD candidate
  • Research group: Vocational Education