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Teachers in vocational education (VE) often meet with workplace educators. These meetings carry a lot of potential, but often this potential remains untapped. A conversation tool for these meetings can open doors for the professionalisation of VE teachers and improve the meetings. This contributes to better supervision for students. 


This project aims at designing a conversation tool for workplacement meetings in co-creation with students, workplace educators and VE teachers. 


The outcome of the project is a conversation tool that has been designed in co-creation. The conversation tool has been tested in practice and is relevant for a broad range of VE programmes. 


01 March 2024 - 01 March 2025


We have chosen for a dual tracked approach. The first track focuses on designing in co-creation. The second track starts with building blocks from recent scientific research. Both tracks come together in a design process during consisting of three cycles during which we design, implement and adjust a conversation tool. 

Impact on education

During the project we aim for knowledge exchange and professionalization because VE teachers, students and workplace educators will be working together based on research-based building blocks. At the end of the project the developed conversation tool can be implemented sustainably during workplacement supervision. As a result, the quality of supervision will improve. 

"We have a lot to do when it comes to our relationship with the workplace. We have found our way in conversations with the organisations that offer our students a placement, but they are very much on-the-fly conversations"

Teacher MBO Amersfoort

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This project is carried out in cooperation with Innovation platform MBOin2030 after winning a challenge on the changing role of teachers in vocational education. 

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Marlies de Vos | Researcher | Research group Vocational Education

Marlies de Vos

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