Professionalizing primary school mathematics teacher educators

Authors Ronald Keijzer , Marjolein Kool , Michiel Veldhuis , Sonja Stuber , Jus Roelofs
Published in EAPRIL 2022 Conference Proceedings
Publication date 2023
Research groups Mathematical and analytical competences of professionals
Type Lecture


Mathematics teacher educators in primary teacher education need expert knowledge and skills in teaching in primary school, in subject matter and research. Most starting mathematics teacher educators possess only part of this knowledge and skills. A professional development trajectory for this group is developed and tested, where a design based research is used to evaluate the design. This paper describes the professional development trajectory and design. We conclude that the professional development design should focus on mathematical knowledge for teaching, should refer to both teacher education and primary education, should offer opportunities for cooperative learning, and need to use practice based research as a developmental tool.

Language English
Published in EAPRIL 2022 Conference Proceedings
Key words primary teacher education, mathematics teacher educators, professionalization
Page range 10-22