The gap between what is needed and offered in project management education

Authors Steven Nijhuis
Published in ATINER'S Conference Paper Series, No: EDU2016-2154.
Publication date 2 March 2017
Research groups Building Future Cities
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From the article: A process focus for project management education is suggested based on a small qualitative sample as an alternative to competence focus. Commercial offerings of project management education are more focused on processes than competences. Review of the courses reveals that there is almost no offering for alongside, medior or senior project managers and that the scarce competences incorporated in the courses do not match with findings from previous research. There are several strong suggestions of a very weak curriculum consistency, like universal application, a diverse target audience and a strong bias towards planning, supporting earlier critique on project management education.

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Language English
Published in ATINER'S Conference Paper Series, No: EDU2016-2154.
Key words Competence education, Process education, Project management education, Requirements analysis, Curriculum consistency

Steven Nijhuis

Steven Nijhuis | Researcher | Research group Building Future Cities

Steven Nijhuis

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